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Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a professional service to all our clients and customers. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

If you have a complaint, please put it in writing, including as much detail as possible. We will then respond in line with the timeframes set out in our Complaints Procedure (Click this link to read)

Our Policy on Preventing Money Laundering AML Checks

At 2Roost, we operate in accordance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, which serve to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It is our legal obligation to verify the identity and address of all individuals involved in our services, including property owners looking to sell, buyers, landlords wishing to rent out their property, and tenants. Additionally, we must determine if there are any other individuals with beneficial ownership interests associated with the transaction or activity.
To effectively recognize and prevent fraudulent transactions, our organisation adopts a risk-based approach across all aspects of our operations. We have implemented a comprehensive system based on specific criteria to evaluate the risk of money laundering.

We place significant emphasis on training our staff in Anti Money Laundering Legislation. This training is integrated into our induction program and reviewed annually to ensure compliance with any new or updated legislation. To oversee our anti-money laundering efforts, we have designated a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and a Deputy Officer. The MLRO is responsible for receiving and addressing reports of suspicious behavior and activities, as well as filing a "Suspicious Activity Report" (SAR) with the National Crime Agency when necessary. Our appointed officer is Helen Crowder Senior Partner with the position of Senior Partner and our deputy officer is Shaun Cranstone Operations Director

To mitigate the risk of potential money laundering within our organisation, we conduct thorough "Customer Due Diligence" (CDD). This process involves fully verifying the information received (including accessing Credit Files). We check the identities of landlords, tenants, vendors, and buyers by requesting photographic identification and proof of address. For landlords and sellers, proof of ownership is also required. All original documents must be witnessed by a staff member, who will take a picture of the ID and retain copies. If it is not feasible to inspect the original ID, certified copies must be obtained from a solicitor or a post office. Verification checks are mandatory for all individuals with a vested interest in the transaction. When making rent payments, we will only accept bank accounts in the customer's name. Depending on your specific circumstances, we may request additional or alternative documentation, and we will communicate with you accordingly.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Digital Assessment - Online Platform

Additional Conditions and Provisions Concerning Digital Sales Appraisals via the 2Roost Website

The definitions contained within the Cookie Policy and Legal Information will persistently apply to these particular Terms and Conditions.

"Platform" signifies the virtual estate agent provided by "Virtual Val" aassessment platform accessible through our website. "Service" denotes the act of providing estimated and suggestive property valuations through or via the website.

We retain the right to modify these Terms and Conditions periodically. It is crucial that you peruse the Terms and Conditions each time you utilize our Platform and Service to ensure that you remain informed regarding the most recent modifications made to them.

Essential Disclaimer of Liability of digital online valuations.

While we will exercise reasonable care and expertise in delivering the Service, we provide no guarantees, whether explicit or implied, regarding its accuracy. The property valuations presented on this Platform are solely estimates, and you must solely utilise them under that premise and solely for personal (non-commercial) purposes. The Service operates by analysing property prices for comparable properties in the vicinity. The comparable properties may diverge in numerous ways that are not taken into consideration, such as construction quality, general condition, or specific location. Additionally, the valuations are inherently subjective and based on market dynamics at the time (and markets can fluctuate for various reasons).

The valuations are not intended to be relied upon for property sales, purchases, or related purposes. We strongly advise that you seek a professional and comprehensive valuation from a surveyor or lender before making any decisions regarding the property. You cam also book a face to face appointment with a 2Roost Valuer to gain a more accurate market appraisal.

The valuations are provided solely for your own use, and you may not encourage or permit any other individual to rely on them. We shall not be held liable for any losses (whether contractual, tortious (including negligence), fraudulent misrepresentation, or otherwise) suffered by you or any other party as a consequence of relying on the online valuations. This includes (but is not limited to) non-liability for any loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of capital due to overpayment or underselling, or any indirect, special, or consequential losses arising from:

i) any inaccuracies, incompleteness, delays, interruptions, errors, or omissions in the delivery of the valuations, data, or any other information provided to you through this Platform or our Service; or

ii) any decisions or actions taken by you or any third party based on such valuations or information.

We cannot guarantee that the Service will be continuously available or free of errors.

Your consumer rights as dictated by law remain unaffected by this statement.